Toby Mathis


Securing Footholds for Innovation

Whether you are rich or poor, an employee or self-employed, a college graduate or not, you have the same access to the tools the rich have been using for generations to create perpetual wealth for themselves and their families.

Having worked with tens of thousands of investors as a tax attorney, Toby Mathis is a true authority on how people can make money consistently. He is a managing partner/president of Anderson Business Partners and current manager of Anderson’s Las Vegas office. In that capacity, he helped Anderson grow into the thriving organization it is today—a tax practice and national registered agent service that is trusted by over 18,000 clients.

Toby Mathis had two mentors growing up; the first was his father, who worked for the same Fortune 100 company from graduation until retirement. Toby’s father worked hard, found success, but was always struggling within the golden cage he constructed for himself. “My dad was frustrated because he did not feel like he was in control,” Toby remembers. “He looked around and saw people who did not feel like they were carrying the same financial burden he was and did what any good father would do – he urged his kids to be free. He just did not know how to help.” To that end, his father found friends who were independent business owners. These men and women showed another side to professional life, one that brimmed with enthusiasm for the present. Toby’s second mentor was one such businessman.

This second mentor liquidated businesses, auctioning inventory for everything from Home Depots to the IRS. He moved millions of dollars over phones and fax machines. This man believed in the power of relationships, in the power of creative thinking in business. Toby saw in these men the importance of finding passion. He knew that whatever he chose to do, it would have to be on his own terms.

Toby became an attorney focusing exclusively on small business, taxation, and trusts. He is an author of several books and hundreds of articles concerning best practices and growth for businesses. His views are consumed by thousands of followers on social media

Toby Mathis graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seattle University and graduated with honors from Seattle University School of Law. He currently resides in Las Vegas.

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