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Toby Mathis had two indelible mentors in his life. The first was his father, who spent his career climbing the corporate ladders supporting his family. The second was an independent business man who made millions working for himself and shirking many of the traditional lessons imparted in higher education. His father, Toby observed, had—despite his success—put himself in a sort of financial prison, always working for someone else’s dream, on someone else’s behalf. His friend on the other hand was free. His income didn’t tether him to one thing or another. His obligations were defined on his terms. The difference between the two men was visible in their face and mannerisms. That subtle but unavoidable difference imprinted on Toby for life. He was determined—and eventually urged by his father—to become financially independent.

It’s all about passive income. Income that comes in whether you are sleeping or awake. You earn it whether you are in the office or on vacation. This kind of income survives you and takes care of those you leave behind and the organizations you care about. It’s the kind of income that puts you back in control of your life, time, and future. It’s the kind of income that Infinity Investing can show you how to build and sustain using a proven, data-driven methodology that the wealthy have been deploying for decades.

Infinity Investing, as a philosophy, is predicated on the long-view on market volatility. In fact, Mathis’ system demands investors get comfortable with the longest view—infinity! As Mathis tells his students, “Your holding period is forever.”

Far more than a retread of get-rich-quick market approaches, Infinity Investing is built upon the financial records and IRS data of the wealthy. As a tax attorney, Toby Mathis has seen firsthand the difference between actual wealth and a lavish lifestyle that can live or die by the paycheck. He has seen exactly how the wealthiest among us invest their money. Those insights paired with Mathis’ Infinity Investing philosophy make it possible for anyone with enough willpower to break out of their financial prisons and start creating perpetual wealth for themselves and their families.

Beginning with Toby’s comprehensive definition of Financial Freedom in chapter one, Infinity Investing helps readers make sense of the financial prisons in which they may find themselves, delineates the real (and surprising) differences between the wealthy and the poor, recontextualizes wealth according to Infinity Investing principles, reveals your financial class, and ultimately, shows where you can put your money to start investing like the wealthy and move the needle on your financial status in 90 days.

Financial independence is waiting for you. Are you willing to take the leap to Infinity?


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How many days, months, or years could you survive without working? Do you have enough passive income so that you do not have to sell off your investments, your home, or your belongings? Can you maintain your living standard if you were unable or had to stop working? This test will help you determine where you are and whether there are steps you could take to improve your financial outlook.

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