Helping a new generation achieve financial independence

When a career tax attorney sets his sights on developing a data-driven investment methodology, audiences should pay attention. When it comes to the types of investment strategies that build passive incomes and perpetuates wealth in the long-term, Toby Mathis has seen it all—the good, the bad, and the fake. After years of rigorous research and meticulous configuration, Toby Mathis is sharing his Infinity Investing approach with audiences across the country in the hopes of helping everyday people break free from their financial prisons and gain control of their financial destiny.

His speaking topics include:

– Understanding Infinity Investing

– The Number One Difference Between the Wealthy and the Poor

– The Three Keys to Breaking Free

– Investing Like the Wealthy

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How many days, months, or years could you survive without working? Do you have enough passive income so that you do not have to sell off your investments, your home, or your belongings? Can you maintain your living standard if you were unable or had to stop working? This test will help you determine where you are and whether there are steps you could take to improve your financial outlook.

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