Helping a new generation achieve financial independence

When a career tax attorney sets his sights on developing a data-driven investment methodology, audiences should pay attention.

When it comes to the types of investment strategies that build passive incomes and perpetuates wealth in the long-term, Toby Mathis has seen it all—the good, the bad, and the fake.

After years of rigorous research and meticulous configuration, Toby Mathis is sharing his Infinity Investing approach with audiences across the country in the hopes of helping everyday people break free from their financial prisons and gain control of their financial destiny.

Transforming How You Invest

From courtroom to classroom, Toby Mathis, rogue tax attorney turned educator, has escaped cushy corporate America to help Millennials and young adults avoid money pitfalls and achieve financial independence.

Sold a broken system…

College degrees aren’t worth what they once were, more millennials live at home than ever before, and while the cost of living rises – wages stay low. There’s an unspoken crisis in America, and if we don’t teach our youth to grow their money, we’ll have a generation of individuals completely dependent on the government.

“I’ve seen it with my own Eyes….”

After decades of studying thousands of tax returns of the ultra wealthy, Toby has pieced together their methods to building wealth, and is now revealing the surprisingly simple processes.

It’s not about being a millionaire, it’s the only path to freedom…

The reality is you don’t have an alternative. Either you learn where to start putting your money or you live dangerously close to poverty. Millennials have it harder than any generation before them. We’re not talking about becoming ultra-rich, if you don’t invest, you’ll never have the security that used to come from having a job.

In his most recent #1 best-selling book, Infinity Investing: How The Rich Get Richer And How You Can Do The Same, Toby breaks down how and where the wealthy invest, and the practical ways for millennials to get started doing the same.

A clear-eyed researcher, dynamic storyteller and financial strategist, Toby Mathis does not fit the description of a guru. Everything he preaches, he practices. His only goal is improving the financial health of the next generation.

Listeners will find Toby’s stories vivid and relatable. He uses just the right amount of real-world financial data to back up the lessons he’ll share with your audience.

Let’s do this. Let’s create the Infinity Plan!

Infinity Investing Topics 

  • How Banks and the Media Are Ripping You Off
  • How To Become Your Own Stock Market Landlord
  • Five Financial Mindsets That Keep You Shackled with Debt
  • How Mutual Funds Cost You Thousands Over Your Life
  • How the Wealthy Use Mentors to Skyrocket Income & Net Worth
  • Five Infinity Sources of Passive Income to Fund a Lifetime
  • How to Become a Stock Market Landlord

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Suggested Interview Questions

  • What are the three big “Infinity No-Nos”?
  • What are the largest hurdles for younger generations to make wealth today?
  • What’s the biggest difference between people who consistently make money and those who don’t?
  • Why is having personal debt so dangerous?
  • What is Infinity net worth and how is it calculated?
  • Over the last 30 years preparing taxes for affluent investors, what are the top asset categories that make the biggest returns?
  • In your book Infinity Investing you talk about the contrast between your father’s and your mentors’ outlooks on their careers and money. How did they shape your career ambitions?
  • In your book Infinity Investing you discuss the “losing loop” and I think that really resonates with millennials in particular. How does Infinity help people get out of the “losing loop.”
  • What differentiates you from the other gurus that promise financial freedom?

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